Die Cutting Services

Die Cutting Services

Die Cut

Need a custom shape for that special print project?

We can create that unique die from your artwork, make it for you or you can use an in-house die to cut about any shape from your printed project.

Make custom frames, pocket folders, shapes, door hangers, table tents, postcards, rounded corners, parking tags, curved edges, odd-shaped cuts, fancy cuts, or internal cuts and much more.

When your design calls for a specialty cut, we can help!


The process that result is a raised impression on the page that matches the design of a die.

Embossing dies can range from very simple shapes with flat, smooth surfaces to more elaborate creations with contours, depth, and intricate detail. In either case, the result is a crisp, elegant effect well-suited to any printed piece.


Debossing works the same as embossing, except the surface of the page is recessed, rather than raised, by the effect. The process involves the same types of dies and takes place on a letterpress.

Debossing and embossing are distinctive touches most commonly used for "showpieces" such as announcements, invitations, postcards, business cards, and stationery. But they're just as useful for brochures, annual reports, and any other printed piece you want to stand out from the crowd.

Scoring and Slitting

When you need to fold a printed project that is on heavier card stocks of paper, we suggest you have it scored.

Scoring puts a groove in the paper that ensures the fold is accurate and doesn't damage the ink or paper.

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